Welcome to Ziro Audio.

Welcome to Ziro Audio in 2017. We are bringing you some exciting new products to enhance your listening experience. We believe in audio being a pleasure rather than something else to fill the time. Whether your thing is Bach or Black Sabbath, musicality, dynamics and coherent presentation are absolutely essential. What we are currently designing brings you closer to the music in every way.

We have two ranges of cables. Both Disclosure and ˈTRANZɪƏNT/.

Disclosure cables are created using the finest purest Silver wire.

ˈTRANZɪƏNT/  cables contain the highest quality Copper and Silver coated Copper.

Both ranges will take you to that musical moment.

We are delighted to introduce Clef Audio. To us Clef pushes forward the boundaries of audio at a very reasonable price. Teamed with our Ziro Audio cables we have a synergy that has the ability to get under the skin.

Contact us or a dealer on the Dealer Contact page to find out more.

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