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I have personally rarely ever experienced such a good coherent set of products as that created by Clef Audio. What excites us at Ziro Audio is the fit, finish and incredible sound quality. Musicality and ability of dynamics to leave you truly moved. We use Clef products to innovate our products. Join us in finding Clef's ability to bring you closer to the live experience. You will not be disappointed.




-Class-A Design Circuit-
This is the most linear of the amplifier classes, meaning the output signal is a truer representation of what was imputed.  The output device (transistor) conducts electricity for the entire cycle of input signal.  In other words, they reproduce the entire waveform in its entirety.  These amps run hot, as the transistors in the power amp are on and running at full power all the time.

Because of these factors, Class A amplifiers are very inefficient for every watt of output power, they usually waste some watts as heat. Because of the watts of heat energy released they run very hot, needing lots of ventilation.  But the upside is that these amps are the most enjoyed of all amplifiers.  These amps dig out musical detail, since the transistor reproduces the entire audio waveform without ever cutting off.  As a result the sound is cleaner and more linear; that is, it contains much lower levels of distortion.  They are the most accurate of all amps available.

-Dual Mono Design-
Dual mono design topology. This gives the amplifier better isolation between channels.  Soundstage imaging is improved, offering true soundstage width and depth.  Instrument placement and layering are more accurate.

-DSA Volume-
The traditional potentiometer is implemented with an electrical contact that slides over a resistive layer that cause the problem such as quality of the electrical contact, consistency between separate audio channels, sensitive to dust. DSA Volume ( Digital Controlled Step Attenuator Volume) using discrete resistors and relays as switches solve those problems and improve quality of sound.

-True Balanced Input-
Soloist-50 balanced input operates as a differential circuit, and any unwanted noise, hum, or interference common to both lines is therefore canceled .

Price £ 1,499




Conductor-LP is a solid-state phono preamplifier.  It plays both MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (moving Coil) - Standard Output and Low Output without the need of Step-Up Transformer
Conductor-LP is designed to accept 2 inputs simultaneously (MM + MC) and desired input can be chosen by selector switch on front panel.  The output is provided to both Unbalanced (RCA) and Balanced (XLR).


Low Noise High Gain Design Circuit:   The Conductor-LP has a very accurate RIAA equalization curve. This curve is accurate to better than 1/10 dB over 10 octaves.
The accuracy of this curve does not vary with an adjustment change of gain or cartridge loading.
Conductor-LP features gain adjustable from between 40dB and 76dB; a range sufficient to allow successful operation of not only high output moving magnet cartridges, but also the lowest output moving coil cartridges without the use of an auxiliary step-up transformer.

Dual mono design topology:   This gives the better isolation between channels.  Soundstage imaging is improved, offering true soundstage width and depth.  Instrument placement and layering are more accurate. 

Price £ 1,299


Zeroone Network streamer


-Linux Base Music Player Software
The lightweight, and ultra low latency music streamer . It plays Bit-perfect of common audio formats ie. FLAC, WAVE, MP3, AAC, ALAC and DSD (DSF, DFF).

-Super Accurate Clock
Jitter at the digital to analogue conversion affects the amplitude of the regenerated signal. Timing errors therefore yield distortion with respect to the original analogue waveshape.

zeroONE has a low jitter clock oscillator will greatly enhance the sound quality of digital players

-Linear Sensing DC Power Supply
Linear sensing DC power supply in zeroONE can supply extremely low noise and very accurate DC voltage to all circuitry, This result in better sound performance from those used conventional power supply.

Price £ 650

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