Disclosure TT Turntable leads

The low level, fragile and sensitive signal from a phono cartridge can easily pick up noise and interference. With that in mind we have designed a cable that is not only reference grade but shares the Disclosure DNA to ensure that the signal appears at the phono stage in perfect condition. Still using the finest Silver specially drawn, the Ziro Audio TT shows exceptional clarity presence and dynamic layering typical of a background that is free from noise.

The technology within the attached enclosure, removes unwanted energy from the surrounding environment entering the cable and causing further damaging microphonic effects, blurring the signal. Indeed the connected components; both the Turntable arm and Phono preamplifier input benefits as the noise floor drops.

Supplied in either 1m or 1.2m lengths RCA to RCA or Mini DIN to RCA. Bespoke lengths and connectors available on request.

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