Disclosure Speaker Cables

“…These cables are no joke…and when they do make an impact to a system, it's the kind of impression that will scar you like a tattoo.  They are the most natural and organic sounding speaker cables I have ever heard and their strength is their ability to extract the inner detail from the riffs, vocals, and overall performance.  Resolution is off the charts, but the detail does not distract.  I can follow a particular instrument or chorus without getting derailed from the whole sonic landscape.  I was deeply drawn into the music for the entire duration.”  - Ziro Audio Client

 A reference grade pure Silver cable which outperforms many others regardless of price using our own in house technologies. A musical experience without fatigue. A pinnacle for musical reproduction, and one of our finest moments. Building from the ˈtranzɪənt/ range the Disclosure speaker cable delivers a holographic sound stage. Events appear and leave from thin air without overhang, creating an intoxicating mix of live reproduction, real dynamics and musicality. Bass extension and slam meet new levels whilst remaining firm and secure.

Musicality is the DNA that makes up all of our cables, and this is wound deeply into the silver core. Using multiple silver cores in a unique configuration we have achieved our goal of removing the energy that affects the signal sent from the amplifier modulating through the speaker crossover. Removing this energy allows the amplifier-speaker circuit to perform as intended by the designers.

We make bespoke speaker cables to meet all of your requirements. Contact your dealer for further information of what Ziro Audio can bring to your system.

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