Ziro Audio Duality Interconnect

Using core technologies from the Disclosure interconnect, we have created a cable that is the first step into the Ziro Audio experience without sacrificing audio quality. In fact we use pure Silver to transfer the signal, giving  an open window into the surrounding audio soundscape.

The new Duality interconnect is a major step forward in Pace Rhythm and Timing (PRaT). A firm tight bass that transfers the lower registers without any boom and waffle, whilst the treble has exquisite extension and is grit free.

Supplied, starting at 1.2 metres rather than the usual 1 metre, whether you use RCA or XLR connectors, the extra stretch allows an easier unstrained connection.

The Disclosure cable as standard uses High Quality solid RCA and XLR plugs - other brands such as WBT or Furutech can be sourced and fitted if required.   Please ask your Ziro Audio dealer for information on this service.

Hear for yourself the difference the Ziro Audio Duality cable makes by arranging a demo with your nearest dealer.

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