Disclosure Power Cables

Decent power to your system is the first step to maximising musical pleasure. The ability to efficiently supply power transmission from your wall socket to your Audio Gear is paramount. Our technology in the cable draws noise from the equipment it is plugged in to; allowing Dynamics, transparency, resolution and a more believable layered Sound stage.

Amplifiers and source components place different loads on the power supply with amplifiers requiring the ability to create large current swings to power soaring dynamics, whilst source components require the best possible constant power with low noise.

The ˈtranzɪənt/ Power Cable Combines our own in house Audio Technology along with 3 x 2.08mm oxygen-free copper conductors and a foil shield which is grounded. We use high quality mains plugs, and Furutech IEC connectors to ensure the best connection to your HiFi. The Disclosure Power cable uses 3 x 2.08mm pure Silver twisted conductors, terminated with Furutech connectors.

As standard the Power cable is 1.25metres long. If you need different lengths or specialist connectors, then speak to your Ziro Audio dealer today about your requirements.

Note: Due to the large range of Furutech Connectors available, please speak to your Dealer as some connectors may need to be ordered in from Japan. As standard for UK cables we supply FI-1363-N1 Cu Mains plug and FI-11 (G) Gold IEC

Please contact your local dealer to try out the Disclosure pure Silver and the ˈtranzɪənt/ range copper cables. 

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