Ziro Audio HDMI

Our QUAKE HDMI cables start with a High Quality Oxygen Free Copper and solid gold plated cable ends to ensure a solid connection. From that point on we add our own ingredients to take the cable to the next level.

The enclosure that is attached inline removes both acoustic and electrical noise, from the signal passing through; allowing for richer colours higher dynamic contrasts and blacks that stays black. Not grey! The Ziro Audio QUAKE HDMI cable is not only a thoroubred performer on your Hi Definition television; its Audio credentials as a high end performer are just as accomplished.

Used to connect your favourite games console, or PC. You will be astonished at the quality and texture of visuals. A cleaner smoother transition awaits. 

Features include:

  • HDMI version 2.0/1.4a " High Speed with Ethernet"- all currently available HDMI functions are implemented.
  • Complete 3D TV support (including FullHD 3D)
  • Supports HD Dolby Digital 7.1 and Transmission of new HD-Sound formats like Dolby True HD or DTS HD and all other HDMI supported sound formats
  • Smooth transmission of extreme HD resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 @24hz (Naturally lower resolutions are also supported)
  • Ethernet channel (Network function)
  • Audio Return Channel(ARC)
  • Support of extended colour ranges including Deep colour
  • 100% backwards compatible- Devices with different HDMI standards can be connected
  • CEC Control function
  • High quality double-shielding for a loss free signal

See for yourself the difference the Ziro Audio QUAKE HDMI cable makes by arranging a demo with your nearest dealer.

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