Disclosure Silver Power Cable and Speaker Cables

"A suite of very accomplished cables that are, in fact, more than cables but a partnership of cable and passive noise reduction, the Ziro system effectively reduced and/or removed a whole host of offensive noise within my hi-fi chain. This complex barrier being lowered, the sound – which is there all the time, folks – had an easier time attempting to reach my ears. The upshot? My hi-fi sounded a whole lot better. Clarity, transparency, precision with a tonal realism that was impressive indeed. Yes, these cables are expensive but they are not made for those on a tight budget. In fact, don’t see these cables as cables per se but as a component upgrade. Such is the sonic improvements they bring. I tried a single power cable and two speaker cables and heard such differences. More cables would, I suspect, only enhance the sonic improvements."


July 2017



Disclosure Silver Power Cable - Outsanding Product Award.

"Unmistakably natural coherent musical sound..."


HiFi Pig April 2017

Disclosure NAIM DIN cable gets the thumbs up from HiFi Critic magazine!

"I remain somewhat skeptical about most things to do with cables, but cant deny the observation that Ziro Audio's Disclosure interconnect does the business. It costs about the same as a Hi-Line, the sound quality difference seems to be largely a matter of taste and personal preference, so Recommendation is clearly mandatory".

Paul Messenger review


Review by James Covert,  for Audio Circle.

ZIRO AUDIO Disclosure

Indeed, I hadn't realized what I was missing on top with the Danas until I plugged in a newfangled pair of ICs called the Ziro Audio Disclosures ($2450). Made in England, these rather unusual cables resemble thin, little snakes that have swallowed hamster-size boxes. I'm not entirely sure how these boxes work, or what exactly they're doing, but one thing I can tell you - these cables are seriously effective in what they do! Indeed, the gap between these cables and the Shindos and DanaCables strikes me, in many ways, as being as large as it was between the Shindo and the Wywires. The first thing that hits you is the massive soundstage. With the Wywires, the images hang holographically between my speakers. With the Shindo and Danas, That image widens out to occupy the space around the speakers. But with the Ziros, there's almost the sense of an infinite soundstage, with the room being filled by pure music. Often, this does have the effect of a big, bold presentation as tall as it is wide - rising well above and beyond the height of the speakers. This, I should clarify, is a wonderful thing. The second thing that's noticeable are the dynamics - the extraordinary ability with microdynamics, in particular, is thrilling, and is one of my favorite things about the Ziros -- drums, guitars, horns, everything is thrown into sharper relief, becoming at once more realistic and lifelike, alerting the listener to what a crucial factor microdynamics are to deliver a presentation that's truly convincing. And of course, this also means it's more toe-tapping. It just sucks you right into the music, rather than letting the music pass you by. What's really remarkable is that the Ziros pull this off without resorting to the old trick of tipping up the upper midrange. And yet they deliver resolution in spades. The extraordinary focus and detail of these cables - nothing gets finessed. Want to hear the limitations of a high-end digital player like the Lumin A1 when pitted against vinyl? Want to hear the limits of vinyl pitted against the Lumin? With the Ziros, this is possible in a way that it isn't with the Shindo and Danas, which nicely finesse those differences with a little bit of gauze. So do I miss the gauze when I hear the Ziros? No way! Yes, they are more revealing and transparent, and if you listen closely you will certainly hear any imperfections in your system. But despite that, the overall character of the Ziros is extremely organic, supple, coherent and "big picture" -- one's attention is always being drawn to the music. I think this is partly a function of the Ziros' own extraordinary ability to eliminate noise. I do hate to trot out what has become a cliche in these discussions, but when I plugged in these cables, the phrase "master tapes" immediately came to mind .


In the meantime, I have taken it upon myself to grab the one pair of Ziros that I can afford - their phono cable, which retails for $1000. Folks, this may be the most important thing I have to say here: I have pitted this cable against a couple of other much ballyhooed phono cables costing $1500 and $2100, respectively, and the Ziro comes out on top - way out on top! I think this has to be one of the biggest bargains in audio going right now. If you're looking for a true high-end performer at a sane price, look no further. I really don't know where you'd easily find this kind of value, even at used prices. Grab one now before the folks at Ziro come to their senses on pricing, and thank me later.

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