ˈtranzIənt/ Speaker Cable

The New ˈtranzɪənt/ speaker cable from Ziro Audio. From Handel to Helloween we all have our favourites, and they have to sound good. Whether the air guitar or baton comes out, the enjoyment factor has to be absolute whilst not pushing any specific part of the Audio band.

We set out to create a cable that made music live. Adding significantly to transparency realism and presence, enabling far greater levels of enjoyment and emotional realism. The ˈtranzɪənt/ speaker cable takes you to places you have been, and to new venues never before experienced. 

The ˈtranzɪənt/ speaker cable uses 2 x 19 strand 0.25 mm Ultrapure heavy AG Silver plated PCOCC copper with 0.5mm PTFE extrusion for insulation. We twist 2 conductors together for greater current handling allowing any mixture of amplifier and speaker to be used. 

We finish the cable with ViaBlue Z-Plugs one end and Spades the other. This gives maximum options between amplifiers and speaker combinations. If you wish to have your set of cables terminated with another type of plug, then please ask your Ziro Audio dealer for more information on this service.  

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